If you are planning to buy the Vodafone OvoLite Max then you should know about the two versions namely the Normal and the Titanium. They both have the same design, which has been specifically modified so that they can support the Smarttalk enabled platforms which include Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. This device is also compatible with GSM / GPRS systems and can be used in conjunction with Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, O2 and Orange. It also has the ability to be connected to the 3G network.

The Vodafone OvoLite Max comes with a sleek and metallic body which looks really great. It is one of the first smartphones which are certified for the Continental United States. The OvoLite Max has a 6.4 inch capacitive touch screen, a large 1.5 inch Super AMOLED screen and a powerful octa-core chipset. The OvoLite Max comes with an 8 GB memory card which ensures smooth surfing even on a heavy day. It also has a high definition camera which enables you to capture sharp and crystal clear images.

The other highlight of the vivo v20 is its high-end imaging sensor which can record videos at unbelievable speeds. The two cameras on this handset can be used simultaneously which increases its capabilities. There is also a built-in memory card reader which lets you add up to two hundred and fifty songs to your existing memory card. It also has a high-speed Wireless Direct capability which allows you to connect to the internet without using a USB cable. In addition, it also comes equipped with Google Maps and is compatible with the Android operating system.

There are a couple of other features that are also present on the vivo v20. You can enjoy the benefit of in-built call record which enables you to keep track of all your incoming calls. The feature also enables you to manage your voice mail easily and gives you the ability to schedule your calls according to your working time. It also includes the facility of handwriting recognition which offers you a number of options including dial by name and dial by extension. It also integrates well with android devices running the android 11.3 operating system.

If you want to transfer pictures from your digital camera or your phone to your handset then you should definitely go for the Funtouch os 11 because it is very easy to do. This can easily transfer three types of files namely, JPEG file, RAW file as well as TIFF file. You can get the file converted into your favourite format by clicking on the option ‘Transfer to Phone’ from the software menu. You can even alter the color and theme of the picture by changing the palette of your handset with the help of the Funtouch os 11. The touch screen functions of this digital camera allows you to manipulate and crop the pictures accordingly.

One of the most exciting advantages that you get with the vivo v20 is the facility of taking multiple selfies and saving them in your handset. You can even share these selfies via various modes such as emailing, uploading to social networking sites as well as messaging with your friends or contacts. The next time you go for buying a new handset then you should opt for the vivo v20 that comes with the coolest triple camera setup. vivo v20