Firewood sheds perform a special job of seasoning firewood and keeping it ready to burn when you need it. They do this by keeping the stacked firewood covered with a roof and allowing air to move around the wood. The simple science of stacking firewood properly is important to protect your investment and to get it ready to use.


Allowing the air to move around stacked firewood is one of the key elements to seasoning firewood. All Leña jobs in Peru  Without proper air movement the wood will remain damp. This can cause rotting of the wood which ruins it. A good set of firewood shed plans will have a floor designed with plenty of gaps to allow air to flow from beneath the shed up through the gaps and around the wood. This is usually done by installing the floor boards about 1 inch apart and making sure that the foundation allows air to get under the floor. Most firewood sheds have at least the front wall open to aid in air flow. It is OK for the wood to get sprinkled on by the rain or a little snow on it. The shed roof will keep the wood from being totally soaked and if you need a dry piece of wood there will always be within reach inside the shed. It is more important to allow the air to flow through the shed than to try to keep it from never getting wet.

Stacking properly

The second factor involved in getting the air to move around the firewood is to stack it properly. Wood should be stacked so that air can move around it. If the stack is too tight then air will not move and if it is too loose then valuable space inside the firewood shed will have been wasted. Since you only fill the firewood shed up once a year it is important to spend some time making sure the stack is done well.


Firewood should be split before stacking it in the firewood shed for several reasons. First it helps speed up the seasoning of the wood by allowing the wood to dry out the moisture left from when it was alive. Second it means you will not need to handle it again before burning it. The wood should be split to the size that you are most comfortable working with.

Cutting the Wood to Length

When the firewood is cut with a chain saw it should be cut so that it is a few inches shorter than the stove or fireplace opening. This makes it much easier to get into the stove and there is nothing worse than needing to cut wood to shorter lengths after you have split it and taken it into the house.

Size of a Firewood Shed

Most firewood shed plans are designed to build a shed that is 4 ft deep or 8′ deep which will allow a cord to be properly stacked inside. Three rows of 16 in logs will make a 4 ft wide stack. When purchasing wood it is sold by the cord. A cord is 4 ft tall by 4 ft wide by 8 ft long. This equals 128 cubic feet.

When choosing your firewood shed plans make sure that it has adequate roof coverage, open floor framing for air flow and is sized properly for the amount of wood you want to store.Firewood | Classifieds for Jobs, Rentals, Cars, Furniture and Free Stuff