Many people think that Bloggers are people that have a lot of time on their hands and just feel like being heard.  This article details why being a blogger for your Property Management Business is crucial in bringing in clients.  Many Property Managers use their blog to advertise their properties only, which is a great idea.  However I will show you why you want to use it for getting business, and a lot of it!

I thought the same thing when I first stepped into the business world.  Property management businesses for sale My thoughts were: “Wow, these folks must have a ton of time on their hands, how useless.”  Really, that is what I thought!  Then I read some freebie online report about blogging, and it totally turned around my impression of utilizing blogs, as I hope this article does for you.

Benefit #1:  Blog coding infrastructure is set up very different than a standard HTML website.  Blogs are set up in such a manner that the search engine spiders are able to get to your keyword specific content very easily, they are search engine friendly.  Google, Yahoo! and MSN love blogs in that your content is not ‘hidden’ in as much coding garble.  They can get right to your relevant content very quickly.  This allows you to rank higher quicker in the search engine results for the given search terms you are looking to entertain.

Benefit #2: Having a blog creates fresh content, and again search engines love this.  Whenever they see new content being updated and added to, you are automatically considered a mover and a shaker and can rank much higher in your industry.  Additionally, because your content is updated so often, the spiders will crawl your site more often as well, resulting in your site moving up rankings much more quickly.

Benefit #3: Your audience can get to know you and your personality.  After all, it is all about earning trust, personally and professionally with your Property Owner Prospects.  A blog allows you to freely speak your mind and many Clients love that as they can better relate with you as a person, not just a company.  Additionally, through this free speech network you have created, you can position yourself as the expert for your given field.  In your blog you are able to demonstrate your expertise through examples, stories and knowledge that you could not otherwise have been able to share.

Benefit #4: I will bet that your local Property Management Company competitors are not using a blog.  This is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition very quickly.  Put yourself in the mind of your Prospect Property Owner; “Wow, this person is really passionate about what they are doing, I bet they will do a great job for me”.  That is what I would think anyways.

One of my Coaching Clients’ websites ranked on the 3rd page results for his industry and location.  No matter what he tried, he could not improve his search engine rankings for over 2 years.  Literally, within 1 month of creating his blog, he was on the first page results of Google and is now getting clients every week from his blog.

In summary, blogging should be a key part of your Property Management Comapnies’ marketing plan.  Get your blog going before your competitor does!

Patrick Rogers is the owner of Rents2Riches, a Property Management Business Coaching Company that is dedicated to the phenomenal development and growth of the Property Management Industry.