How to take a business trip to London like a pro

When it comes to any sort of business related anything in the UK, without a doubt, London is the big fish in the water. As the biggest city, that is a global corporate bigwig with the businesses and merchant pedigree to match, chances are that if you are prone to taking business trips, you are going to end up visiting London at some point or other. 

As a big city though, it can sometimes be hard to navigate, especially if you visit there pretty infrequently. With a bit of prep and the right information though, you can find yourself taking a business trip to London like a pro. 

Take the train

London is a sprawling mass, with the majority of its airports located right out on the farthest edges. So make life easy for yourself, and take the train when you are planning your transport since that will deposit you right in the heart of the city at one of the major stations, and will save you time on travelling into the city. Even from Glasgow and Edinburgh the journey time is only around 4-5 hours which is minimally different from what flying would be once you include getting to and from the airport and getting through security.

Or it’s got to be City Airport

If you’ve got to fly though, try to get a flight to City Airport which is the only airport that is conveniently located not far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sure flights might be a little pricier, but this little airport is just so handy!

Get an Oyster card

Every Londoner knows that you need an Oyster card as much as you need your bank card when it comes to getting about the capital. So make sure you take the time to get an Oyster card and top it up. Not only will it save you time on ticket buying when on public transport, but you can use it on the underground, buses and local trains too.

It’s all about the transport when you’re visiting London on a business trip, so get prepped now. 

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