Make a name for yourself, Personal Branding Tips

We all have a personal brand and learning how to use it can really help you achieve your goals.


Target Audience

The first step to building a good brand is to define your audience. Figure out who your target audience are, what are their pains and how can you help them? Here’s the thing though, you can’t guess you need to get out there and chat to your potential audience, do surveys, ask questions and try uncover the demographic and psychographic information.

This will allow you to get inside the head of your readers / viewers.

Clear Value Proposition

What can you offer your viewers? Are they going to get much if they invest their time into the content you’re producing? Are you offering insights or resources that help people? These are just examples, of course, but what can you do that will make people see the value you provide.

Write a compelling brand slogan.

In today’s world there is so much noise online that it can be exceptionally hard to stand out. So if you’re wanting to stand you you need to address this issue by using your value proposition and merging that into a nice slogan:

Show yourself.

People connect with people with people so showing a video or photos of yourself will help you build trust with your audience. A great picture of yourself will show how professional you are too, so you might want to invest in a good photo shoot or get a friend with a high quality camera to take a nice photo.

Establish your look.

Any memorable brand should have their look well and truly defined. This means, choosing a variety of fonts, logo, colour, tone of voice etc will just confuse your audience. You need to treat your personal brand just like you would treat a brand for a business.

Create a standard that you can apply to everything you create and be consistent.

Create your brands persona.

Creating your brands persona can be helped by understanding your strengths, weaknesses and performing some market research. Get to know the target market you’re going after, create an empathy map and you’ll get a tonne of data.

With all this data you can then craft your story, why will people like you? What will keep them coming back and back for more?

Treat your brands persona as a soap opera. People want to be entertained more than they want to learn. Sure, they might come for information but they will come back time and time again if they find you entertaining.


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