Strong Branding Works

There are a LOT of benefits to building and maintaining a strong brand. Here are five benefits to developing a strong brand:

1 – Customer Recognition

Having a strong brand will help build customer recognition, why? Well when you’re out in the shops, how many brands do you recognise? Probably quite a lot.

Branding means something different to different people. Brands are dynamic, they play a different role depending on who their interacting with.

The good thing about branding is, if you stand out in some where or another you’ll be remembered. Think about the amount of car brands you know and this is down to pure exposure. Well that and most brands are unique, they all have cars that look slightly different, for the most part anyway.

Now the next time you’re in a car showroom, you probably know what you’re after right?

Phones are another good example, look at the Iphone. Do you remember when the ipod shuffle first came out? I remember people talking about it mid year and then everyone getting it at Christmas as a gift.

Why? Well marketing was great for the Ipod Shuffle but brand recognition was a big factor. The apple brand

2 – Competitive Edge

Having a well thought out brand that aligns with your customers will give you a competitive edge. This will help you in multiple digital channels too, let’s take SEO for example.

When people search for your brand + keyword or when people search for your brand they’re sending good healthy signals to Google.

These actions will help you improve your organic keyword rankings in SERP which will bring you more organic traffic and brand exposure.

3 – Product Launches are easier

Bringing out a new product under an established strong brand is much easier and less expensive. This is down to the loyal customers you’ve built up and the brand recognition you’ve built.

4 – It makes the customers purchase decision easier

If you have some credibility around your brand it will make the actual purchase much easier. People want to buy from companies that they know and trust so if you’re pretty unknown getting a user to convert will be a lot more difficult.

Okay, so now that you know the benefits of having a good brand, you might be wondering how you can work on your brand?

It’s no easy task, our recommendation would be to find an agency that knows what they’re doing. Have a look at some other companies and check out their portfolio, if you see a brand you like reach out to the agency and get some more information on their services.

Look at Pearl Fishers work here on Bearface for example.

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