Business dress code no-go’s

Nowadays, a lot of workplaces, barring those with uniforms of course (which make everything so much easier in a morning!), have dress codes that are far more relaxed from what they once were. Gone are the 3-piece woollen suits and excruciating painful stilettos, often in favour of a more modern and trendy look.

No matter how relaxed your workplace dress code is though, there do remain a few unspoken dress code no-go’s that you should avoid at all costs. To keep you from any embarrassing fashion faux-pas, particularly if you’re new to a certain workplace, check out these dress code violations to steer clear of.

Visible underwear

It might have been alright for Bridget Jones to do it, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a look that the rest of us should be striving for. So always avoid displaying visible underwear at the workplace – it’s simply unprofessional. So if you’re constantly pulling up your trousers, use a belt, and make sure your tops aren’t too see-through

Anything too short

The same goes for anything that’s too short, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting down like at an office job. Short shorts and thigh high skirts might be your preferred look, but keep them for your hours of leisure. Longer cuts not only look more professional, but can look more elegant too.

Flip flops

Even during those baking hot summer days, unless your boss it wearing them 24/7, don’t opt for flip flops in the office. Not only is the noise super irritating on laminate flooring, but most tootsies aren’t the most appealing, and flip flops are basically letting you have bare feet in the office. Instead opt for modest sandals and loafers that are still comfortable and cool, but just that little bit more grown-up.

Common sense usually prevails with workplace dress codes, so use yours!

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