Decorating Your Office Space

Decorating your office, be it at home or in a corporate office really makes a big difference in your mood and productivity. And it’s especially important in an office with many people working. Not only can it make the environment better to work in, it can make everyone feel a bit happier and help prevent people from getting irritated.

Office Decorations come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right fit for your office can be tricky so we created this little guide to help ease the decorating headache you may be having.


Clean And Tidy Desk

Having a clean and tidy desk is important in both a home office and a corporate environment. Not only does having a clear desk help you have a clear mind. But to any clients coming in, it gives the impression that you are organised.

Here to help you have a tidy desk are some clever pieces of table furniture and gadgets too.

There are plenty of desk tidies to choose from, but don’t go overboard. Minimalistic is best.

Plants for your office

This is by far the most common improvement for your office. And for good reason.

The benefits of having plants include:

  • Plants help reduce stress
  • Plants help improve air quality
  • Plants help lower background noise

Selecting where you put your plants are just as important as what plants you choose to buy.

If you have windows which are next to a noisy or busy road, then putting plants near your windows is a great location. Not only can the plants help improve the air coming in from the road, which will be filled with CO2 and other pollutants. It will reduce the noise let in from these windows too. Creating a more peaceful surrounding. These plants also help give the feel of life and the outdoors. The last thing you want is your employees resenting being stuck inside on a warm day.


The best plants include:

Pothos (aka, Devils Ivy)

Beautiful easy to care for plant which is poisonous to cats. It adapts well to all light conditions and loves to grow. Allowing you to create an indoor jungle which will stimulate you and your colleagues


Each office contains different people. And once you know the personalities of those you work with. Creating an office which everyone feels comfortable in becomes a whole lot easier. An office I worked in displayed classic models of cars and this really worked for the office environment. I’m a big advocate for this type of personal decoration in an office.

You can get some really cool models on Modelspace.

Whatever type of decorations you choose to use, just remember to keep in mind the people of your office and your personal style too. Working in the ethos of your company can also strengthen the message you are trying to convey.


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