Successful start-up businesses

Start-ups are always an exciting prospect for any business owner, particularly if it is their first venture, and win or lose, it’s certain to provide a great learning experience and knowledge. Although not all start-ups are destined to succeed, some have managed to outstrip all of their expectations.

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge to get going with your own start-up, or just fancy finding a bit of inspiration and get go for your own career, take a look at these successful businesses that formed from start-ups.


It is one of the most popular social media platforms these days, and can be viewed as one of the less invasive in a way too, and yet Instagram had humbler beginnings. It was actually created by somebody who taught themselves to code, then created from this basic knowledge a HTML5 prototype known as Burbn. Sharing this amongst friends, the idea gained traction, then investors got interested, and boom, Instagram was born!


It’s an internal messaging platform that is preferred by hundreds and thousands of businesses and offices, and chances are even you don’t use Slack in the workplace, plenty of your friends and family will know what it is. It was launched by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, so to be fair he will have already have had a few of the right connections. However the idea is a good one since there are millions of users worldwide now.


Despite its more recent troubles, Uber is a fantastic example of what can happen when you’ve got a great idea that will fill a gap in the market. It’s already 10 years old now and has gone completely global in the last few years, bursting from its bubble in San Francisco. Designed to provide affordable transport, it certainly has changed the world of taxis!

Start-ups depend on an original idea and getting in touch with the right people too, so it pays to network and put your thinking cap on!

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